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present, and flourished his well-filled purse in his usual insufferable way. 'I'm rich
enough, old boy, and it comes to the same thing.' With those words he took up his
hat, and trampled out on his great elephant's feet to get the box. I looked after him
from the window as he went down the street. 'Your widow, with her twelve
hundred a year,' I thought to myself, 'might take a box at the San Carlo whenever
she pleased, without being beholden to anybody.' The empty-headed wretch
whistled as he went his way to the theater, and tossed his loose silver
magnificently to every beggar who ran after him.
* * * * *
"Midnight.--I am alone again at last. Have I nerve enough to write the history of
this terrible evening, just as it has passed? I have nerve enough, at any rate, to turn
to a new leaf, and try.