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on with it, my professional opinion is (though you couldn't hinder his marriage),
you may part him from his wife.
"Pray take care of yourself.
"Your affectionate son,
The letter dropped from the old man's feeble hands. "I wish Jemmy could have
come to see me to-night," he thought. "But it's very kind of him to advise me, all
the same."
He turned wearily on the pillow, and read the letter a second time. "Yes," he said,
"there's nothing left for me but to go back. I'm too poor and too old to hunt after
them all by myself." He closed his eyes: the tears trickled slowly over his
wrinkled cheeks. "I've been a trouble to Jemmy," he murmured, faintly; "I've been
a sad trouble, I'm afraid, to poor Jemmy!" In a minute more his weakness
overpowered him, and he fell asleep again.
The clock of the neighboring church struck. It was ten. As the bell tolled the hour,
the tidal train--with Midwinter and his wife among the passengers--was speeding
nearer and nearer to Paris. As the bell tolled the hour, the watch on board Allan's
outward-bound yacht had sighted the light-house off the Land's End, and had set
the course of the vessel for Ushant and Finisterre.