Armadale HTML version

"If the favoring circumstances which have driven me thus far drive me on to the
end, and if that old man's last earthly conviction is prophetic of the truth,
Armadale will escape me, do what I may. And Midwinter will be the victim who
is sacrificed to save his life.
"It is horrible! it is impossible! it shall never be! At the thinking of it only, my
hand trembles and my heart sinks. I bless the trembling that unnerves me! I bless
the sinking that turns me faint! I bless those words in the letter which have
revived the relenting thoughts that first came to me two days since! Is it hard, now
that events are taking me, smoothly and safely, nearer and nearer to the End--is it
hard to conquer the temptation to go on? No! If there is only a chance of harm
coming to Midwinter, the dread of that chance is enough to decide me--enough to
strengthen me to conquer the temptation, for his sake. I have never loved him yet,
never, never, never as I love him now!
"Sunday, August 10th.--The eve of my wedding-day! I close and lock this book,
never to write in it, never to open it again.
"I have won the great victory; I have trampled my own wickedness under foot. I
am innocent; I am happy again. My love! my angel! when to-morrow gives me to
you, I will not have a thought in my heart which is not your thought, as well as