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"Here is Mother Jezebel's cringing letter. That is something else to think of. I'll
answer it. I am in a fine humor for writing to Mother Jezebel.
* * * * * * *
Conclusion of Miss Gwilt's Letter to Mrs. Oldershaw.
"...I told you, when I broke off, that I would wait before I finished this, and ask
my Diary if I could safely tell you what I have now got it in my mind to do. Well,
I have asked; and my Diary says, 'Don't tell her!' Under these circumstances I
close my letter--with my best excuses for leaving you in the dark.
"I shall probably be in London before long--and I may tell you by word of mouth
what I don't think it safe to write here. Mind, I make no promise! It all depends on
how I feel toward you at the time. I don't doubt your discretion; but (under certain
circumstances) I am not so sure of your courage. L. G."
"P. S.--My best thanks for your permission to renew the bill. I decline profiting by
the proposal. The money will be ready when the money is due. I have a friend
now in London who will pay it if I ask him. Do you wonder who the friend is?
You will wonder at one or two other things, Mrs. Oldershaw, before many weeks
more are over your head and mine."