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"We say yes, to be sure," answered Allan. "I think our spirits have been a little
dashed by Mr. Pentecost's illness and Mrs. Pentecost's bag," he added, in a
whisper to Miss Milroy. "A change of this sort is the very thing we want to set us
all going again."
He and young Pedgift handed Miss Milroy out of the boat. The major followed.
Mrs. Pentecost sat immovable as the Egyptian Sphinx, with her bag on her knees,
mounting guard over "Sammy" in the cabin.
"We must keep the fun going, sir," said Allan, as he helped the major over the
side of the boat. "We haven't half done yet with the enjoyment of the day."
His voice seconded his hearty belief in his own prediction to such good purpose
that even Mrs. Pentecost heard him, and ominously shook her head.
"Ah!" sighed the curate's mother, "if you were as old as I am, young gentleman,
you wouldn't feel quite so sure of the enjoyment of the day!"
So, in rebuke of the rashness of youth, spoke the caution of age. The negative
view is notoriously the safe view, all the world over, and the Pentecost philosophy
is, as a necessary consequence, generally in the right.