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there. Gad, sir!" said young Pedgift, gayly, "she must be a Touchy One if she
thinks herself neglected after that!"
"Capital!" cried Allan. "She shall have every attention. I'll give her the pony-
chaise and the white harness, and she shall drive herself, if she likes."
He scribbled a line to relieve Miss Milroy's apprehensions, and gave the necessary
orders for the pony-chaise. Ten minutes later, the carriages for the pleasure party
were at the door.
"Now we've taken all this trouble about her," said Allan, reverting to the
governess as they left the house, "I wonder, if she does come today, whether we
shall see her at the picnic!"
"Depends, entirely on her age, sir," remarked young Pedgift, pronouncing
judgment with the happy confidence in himself which eminently distinguished
him. "If she's an old one, she'll be knocked up with the journey, and she'll stick to
the cold fowl and the cottage. If she's a young one, either I know nothing of
women, or the pony in the white harness will bring her to the picnic."
They started for the major's cottage.