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the arm. "Are you better?" he asked, in a whisper. "Shall you soon be composed
enough to tell me what I want to know?"
Allan's eyebrows contracted impatiently; the subject of the dream, and
Midwinter's obstinacy in returning to it, seemed to be alike distasteful to him. He
hardly answered with his usual good humor. "I suppose I shall have no peace till I
tell you," he said, "so I may as well get it over at once."
"No!" returned Midwinter, with a look at the doctor and his oarsmen. "Not where
other people can hear it--not till you and I are alone."
"If you wish to see the last, gentlemen, of your quarters for the night," interposed
the doctor, "now is your time! The coast will shut the vessel out in a minute
In silence on the one side and on the other, the two Armadales looked their last at
the fatal ship. Lonely and lost they had found the wreck in the mystery of the
summer night; lonely and lost they left the wreck in the radiant beauty of the
summer morning.
An hour later the doctor had seen his guests established in their bedrooms, and
had left them to take their rest until the breakfast hour arrived.
Almost as soon as his back was turned, the doors of both rooms opened softly,
and Allan and Midwinter met in the passage.
"Can you sleep after what has happened?" asked Allan.
Midwinter shook his head. "You were coming to my room, were you not?" he
said. "What for?"
"To ask you to keep me company. What were you coming to my room for?"
"To ask you to tell me your dream."
"Damn the dream! I want to forget all about it."
"And I want to know all about it."
Both paused; both refrained instinctively from saying more. For the first time
since the beginning of their friendship they were on the verge of a disagreement,
and that on the subject of the dream. Allan's good temper just stopped them on the
"You are the most obstinate fellow alive," he said; "but if you will know all about
it, you must know all about it, I suppose. Come into my room, and I'll tell you."
He led the way, and Midwinter followed. The door closed and shut them in