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Are Your Dieting Strategies KILLING You?


REVEALED: The Dark Side of Summer Dieting

And How to free yourself from the pressure to diet – for good


As the summer heat increases, so does the pressure to look good, feel great and achieve that beach perfect body.


And it seems as the temperatures soar, so do the numbers of people going on a diet…


  • According to ABC news, around 108 mil ion Americans will go on a diet this year. What’s more, these dieters will typically make a staggering 4 or 5 attempts during a 12-month period.


  • In addition, Experian Simmons Data Stream reports the percentage of dieting American women aged 25-54 dieting peaks in the summer months.


It seems the change in clothing and climate is a big motivator to cut back, cut out and lose those excess pounds.


And the media “helpfully” responds.


Take a look at any glossy magazine, newspaper or popular daytime TV show and they’re all optimistically overflowing with the latest fad diet and promises to help you look good on the beach - fast.


And it all sounds so easy…


Just check out the following real headlines.


  • ‘DIET PANIC? Lose 5lbs in 5 Days’


  • ‘FAT TO THIN FAST – How I lost my flabby tum in just 4 hours!’


  • ‘ Beach Ready Now' and 'Drop 4KG On Your Holiday and still have the mojitos! ’


And the list goes on…


But are these promises too good to be true? Is it really this easy to shift a few pounds and instantly feel sexier, more beautiful and more confident?


And are these promises something we need to strive for anyway?


It’s time to hold the diet industry to account…


For sure these magazine headlines sell. So do the images of stunning airbrushed models and the latest celebrity gossip. These media lifestyles look so attractive and there’s a subtle, underlying message that repeats – “if you look like this, you can have this lifestyle too” .


It means summer dieting is not just tempting, it’s also becomes a normal lifestyle choice…


BUT could your summer diet actually do you more harm than good?


Is it possible that the tempting promises made by the mass media are actually misleading and manipulating you?


Could your dieting strategies be the cause of poor self-esteem, dissatisfaction and weight gain?


Well read on and you’ll discover there’s a more sinister side to the seasonal diet trend.


In fact, if you’re about to embark on the latest fad diet read this report first.


I promise you’ll uncover some valuable information that will leave you more informed and empowered about your summer diet choices. What’s more, you could gain an insight or understanding that will help free you from the tyranny of dieting – for good.


Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll discover…




Thanks for reading,


 Julie Kerr


 Bulimia Recovery Coach