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ToCAROLINE B. D. BARTONFaithful Comrade inthe Campaign of Life
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For a hundred years or more the explorer and the excavator have been busy in
many parts of the world. They have brought to light monuments and texts that have
in many cases revolutionized our conceptions of history and have in other cases
thrown much new light on what was previously known.
In no part of the world have these labors been more fruitful than in the lands of the
Bible. In Egypt and Babylonia vistas of history have been opened to view that were
undreamed of before exploration began. The same is true for that part of the history
of Palestine which antedates the coming of Israel. Information has also been
obtained which illumines later portions of the history, and makes the Biblical
narrative seem much more vivid. It is now possible to make real to oneself the
details of the life of the Biblical heroes, and to understand the problems of their
world as formerly one could not do. Exploration has also brought to light many
inscriptions in the various countries that confirm or illuminate the traditions,
history, poetry, and prophecy of the Bible. The sands of Egypt have even yielded us
some reputed new sayings of our Lord.
It is the purpose of this book to gather into one volume the most valuable
information of all sorts that the excavations in Bible lands have afforded, and to put
it in such form that it may be of service to the pastor and Sunday -school teacher. An
attempt has been made so to present the material that one may not only have the
wealth of illumination for Biblical study that exploration has produced, but also that
he may possess an outline of the history of the exploration and of the countries
sufficient to enable him to place each item in its proper perspective. Whether in
handling so large a mass of data the writer has achieved his aim, the reader must
judge. The preparation of the volume was undertaken at the request of the Board o f
Managers of the American Sunday-School Union, for publication under the John C.
Green Income Fund,—a fund founded in 1877 “for the purpose of aiding ... in
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