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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Apollo 918 the Trip of No Return

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Published: 1 year ago

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Year 2021. On planet Earth, third world war has started. There is risk that several dozen warheads are in the hands of enemy forces. A military coalition was formed by the U.S. And European allies countries. The coalition created an escape plan from sure death to save civilians who could build a prosperous society. In other words, the passage to a new destination. Three ships departed into outer space from different parts of the world, from Europe the ship MARGARET, the XX MOSCOW from Russia and APOLLO 918 from the United States of America. This latter one the command center of the full mission. Within these three ships would be the best young men and women chosen from each culture and country who could start over. After the fatal outcome of planet earth, these three ships are drifting into outer space in search of a new destination. Within civilians, the enemy has managed to infiltrate with plans to kill the main leaders of the mission Apollo 918, Colonel John Paul, head of security of Apollo.


Joseh Thomas

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