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This is a stand-alone version of the Apocalypse Symbol Guide excerpted from Revelations from the Apocalypse - Second Edition. It is provided to make it more convenient to decode and interpret Apocalypse Reconstructed verses while reading through the full book or e-book.

David OBrien

This author is unbelievable! She talks about others deceiving using th scriptures and then proceeds to do the same. Any basic commentary on Revelation will give a better outline of the real meanings of the symbols than this confused amalgam of nonsense, superstition and hearsay. Don't bother - there is a lot of sound scholarship on the subject that can be relied upon.

Tunde Adeyanju

I find particularly intriguing the connection in ritualistic worship and the 360 degree symbolism present in all the Abrahamic faiths. It just kindles a fresh desire to find out more.

Earl Wilborn

Anyone who has read this author's work(s) superficially or hasn't used the art of "due diligence" in researching the claims made in the texts is not worthy of "judging" Seven Star Hand's sanity. All the criticisms hurled at Seven Star Hand I've read are literally subjective and to some extent racially biased; particularly when the author clearly connects the African racial identity to the "Lion of Juda" predating the lineage of King David. The 1611 King James Version of the Bible is replete with contradictions when read literally. Just try wading through the "Book of Job". Or better yet, go to the "Skeptics Annotated Bible" website and immerse yourself in a myriad of intentionally edited religious confusion in the "holy book". As Seven Star Hand consistently points out in his works, the "symbology" is intertwined within the Books of Genesis, Revelation (edited Apocalypse)and Ezekiel. I am aware that all ancient books, scrolls, texts have been deceptively "tampered" with but I will end this very brief review quoting from chapter 3, verse 11 of "The Wisdom of Solomon" from the authorized KJV version of the Apocrypha: "For whoso despiseth WISDOM and nurture, he is miserable, and their hope is in vain, their LABORS unfruitful and their works unprofitable". Here is Wisdom.


The Apocalypse Symbology Guide is a companion book to the author's book Revelations from the Apocalypse. While it can certainly be independently read and understood; it is best used as a resource to decode the symbology of the Book of Revelations, originally named the Apocalypse. The author reconstructs what has been altered to accommodate intentional lies. If one wishes to enhance one's understanding of the origins of the Book of Revelations, and acquire an in-depth understanding of the symbolic meanings of words, concepts, and texts beyond the long taught literal meanings, then here is the long sought after knowledge. The author identifies the %u201CBook of Revelations%u201D as an original Hebrew document that has been greatly tampered with to accommodate the multitude of lies that have been fed to humanity to forever keep us locked in ignorance and darkness. For example, Labors is identified as "CThe struggle for survival in a world controlled and ruled by money, religion, and politics, and delusional people who will do anything to anyone just to grow richer, gather more physical belongings, and acquire more powers over others." The guide is dimensional and holographic in nature as with each symbol there is a link and connection to even deeper understandings of terms with hidden and symbolic meanings, as with Labors we are led to seek understanding of "Slave, Second, Sea, Death, Strong Lie, Mystery, Babylon, Torment, Affliction, Tribulation, Curse, Plague, Karma." And each of these terms leads to another piece of the puzzle. It is an awesome journey for the truth seeker as enlightenment lights the path and unequivocal knowledge is generously served. As one is able to ingest/digest and recover from the traps laid for humanity; the path of choice becomes apparent in order to end earth's chaos and despair. Many have attempted to unsuccessfully decode the Book of Revelations. None have been able fully to accomplish this, as this author has done. What will be of great interest is for those who wish to refute these documents to do so with substance and not insults. Offer concrete evidence of that which needs to be refuted. While this information will initially be very shocking to many, it can be greatly understood as the world in which we live manifests the proof of a civilization that is on the brink of destruction with no new and workable solutions. Understandably, there are those who fear the masses acquiring the truth about our existence and the Creator. In fact, this is their greatest fear, as once this becomes widely spread knowledge, it is doomsday for them and all of their tricks. Unfortunately, there are those who have so long been deceived that their appetite for new knowledge has been greatly dulled and deadened. For that reason, it is extremely important for those of us who can receive, to expediently do so, and help others. The path to heaven is not living in hell now; it is choosing now Truth and Justice over the lies and delusions of Greed and Injustice. This work is not about selling a book; it is about healing the ills of humanity which is a massive undertaking, considering the depth of our ignorance about long hidden mysteries and truths. The choice is ours, we are free to choose. This is not a work of fiction.


the writer needs to be Prayed for they are misled


The author, it turns out, is the long awaited messiah. Gee that's original.


The "Apocalypse Symbol Guide" is extremely cultic in nature and completely inacurate. The author, Lawrence W. Page II, claims he is the archangel Michael, Melchizedek, Moses, Elijah the prophet, and the Messiah (Christ). Need one say more?


Lawrence W. Page II

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