Aoife and the Tooth Fairy HTML version

Aoife and the tooth fairy
Aoife woke, up peeked out from underneath her crisp white sheet and smiled. It was
another beautiful day and Mummy had promised to fill the paddling pool if it stayed
fine. She hopped gleefully out of bed and danced over to the window singing to her
self. She climbed on a chair, opened the window, and leaned out as far as she could to
catch all the wonderful smells of summer. The field next her garden had been mowed
by Farmer Bob, so the air was filled with the lovely smell of freshly cut grass and the
sound of all the birds making the most of the short grass to find worms. She had
leaned out so far she felt the chair wobble beneath her, so she pulled her head and
shoulders back inside before her mother caught her, she was always saying that one
of these days she would fall out and ruin her lawn. Aoife giggled to herself as she
remembered her father trying not to laugh when her mother has said that over the
lunch table. He had leaned over ruffled her hair and winking at her as he said to her
mother that such a little slip of a thing would float like a feather.
Mummy had left out her denim shorts and her pink frilly tee shirt, so she was quickly
dressed and heading down stairs for breakfast. As usual her father sat at the top of
the table with the newspaper spread out before him as he drank his tea, her mother
was at the sink washing Aoife's favourite bowl that was covered in fairies and her
matching cup, and soon she was sitting upon her stool munching on her favourite
breakfast cereal. After a few minutes she felt a pain in her mouth, she swallowed her
mouthful and put her finger to her mouth and felt her front tooth wobble. She smiled
and then wobbled it again.
"Mummy, mummy", she cried "my tooth is loose, look"
Her mother smiled and knelt down to have a closer look.
"Yep", she smiled "that is definitely loose, looks like we will be getting a visit from the
tooth fairy".
Aoife took a great big breath and tingled with excitement. Ever since her Uncle Jim
had given her a book of fairy tails at Christmas 2 years ago she had been waiting for
this to happen so she could meet a real fairy. She knew they where shy timid creatures
and that only on specials days could you see them. And what would be more special
than losing the first tooth. She wobbled it again and grinned at her father.
"Don't force it now", he scolded "you will make it bleed. It will come out when it's
"But daddy I want it to come out today so the tooth fairy will come tonight", she
mumbled with her finger still in her mouth wiggling the tooth.
"Well don't say I didn't warn you when you have blood all over your lovely pink top",
he said laughing.
At this he finished his last mouthful of tea and stood up