Aoife and Lilybel

her to ring this bell and she would come to her. Aoife was hoping that the tooth fairy would hear
her. She shook the bell and heard just a tiny tinkling noise.
“Amber will never hear that sound”. Aoife thought to herself in dismay. Just then she heard a
giggling sound in a bright flurry of glitter Amber was there fluttering in front of her face smiling
“Aoife”, she sang kissing her all over the face. “I’m so glad to see you, I have missed you”.
“I saw you last night silly”, Aoife giggled. “How could you miss me already?” Amber flew up to
sit on Aoife shoulder.
“Time is different in fairyland remember”, she replied. “And we always miss people we love
when we are not with them”. Aoife knew that was true.
“Oh Amber”, she said hurriedly. “I’m here with my friend Caoimhe and while we were playing I
have met a fairy that says she needs my help.” Amber looked at her human proudly.
“That is great honey”, She replied. “So why have you called me, do you need my help?”
Aoife explained that she was with Caoimhe and as her friend could not see or hear the fairy she
wouldn’t be able to help straight away and this new fairy looked so upset that she didn’t want to ask
her to wait until later.
“Well”, said Amber slowly. “If we gave fairy dust to your friend, we would solve one problem at
“I would love that”, said Aoife happily. “I have wanted to tell her about you, but will you get into
Amber smiled cheekily “Trouble shmouble”, she laughed. “Let’s do it”.