Aoife and Lilybel HTML version

Aoife walked to the hedge where she heard the voice coming from, and, peering in saw a tiny
creature dressed in bright yellow with multicolored wings stretching above her head looking up at
her with a tear stained face.
Just them Caoimhe came dancing out of the house waving the dolls over her head.
“Are you ok”, Aoife asked the fairy quickly glancing up at Caoimhe who was looking at her
“Are you Aoife?” she replied looking up at her hopefully.
“Yes that is my name”, she whispered.
Caoimhe walk up behind to where Aoife was kneeling.
“Who are you talking to Aoife?”Asked Caoimhe she asked peering into the hedge.
“Eh, no one”, stuttered Aoife going red, as she knew telling lies was wrong. Hearing this, the
little fairy burst into tears.
“Oh no”, she wailed. “I was hoping you could help me. They all told me to find you and you
would. As the fairy buried her head in her hand and sobbed loudly Aoife looked from her to
Caoimhe and wondered what on earth she would do.
“Can you wait her for a minute”, she asked quickly hoping that they would both think that they
were talking to them “I’ll be back in just a minute”.
“Ok”, they both said together though Caoimhe continued to look at her strangely.
Aoife scampered around to the side of the house searching in her pockets for the little bell that
her friend Amber the tooth fairy had given her a few days before. Amber had said that if she needed