Aoife and Lilybel HTML version

Aoife was excited. Her Mummy was bringing her to see her best friend Caoimhe today and she
loved plating with her. Though it usually took her mummy ages to get ready to go she decided to
help her to see if they could get going sooner. She tidied her room and had her jacket and shoes on
so that she was ready to go. She also had collected all her Brother Sean’s things and had them by
the door. At last, they were ready to go and her mummy was delighted at all Aoife’s help. They all
bundled into the car and were off.
Caoimhe’s mother greeted them at the door with a big smile when they arrived. Aoife thought
it was lovely that her best friend mummy was also best friends with her even though they were so
old! Caoimhe came out from the kitchen and they were soon off to the garden to play. As Aoife
looked back, she laughed to see Sean sitting between the two mummies smiling happily. He loved
to be the centre of attention.
They had been playing happily in the garden when Caoimhe went upstairs to get another doll
for their game. Aoife was sitting on the garden chair swinging her legs happily, when she heard a
sniffing noise. She was not as startled as some may have been as she has been through a few lovely
adventures met fairies and even spoken to animals in the last few days. She did not think much
could surprise her anymore. She quickly hopped off the chair and getting on her knees, she looked
around. “Hello”, she called quietly.
“Is anyone there?” She listened for a minute and hearing nothing, she wondered if she had
imagined it. Just then, she heard another little sob. “Please don’t be afraid”, she said again in the
same gentle voice. “If you are upset maybe I can help you”.
“I’m over here”, a tiny voice came from the hedge.