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Anything for you ma’am
An IITian’s Love Story
Now, when driven by emotions, I get down to prepare an
account of my extraordinary voyage, I cannot help but wonder
what Professor Sidhu, Rajit and Dr. Prabhakar, those fateful men
who were meant to be a part of it, were doing at that hour. That
hour, my choice for opening this account, was when I truly sprung
into action. I recall distinctly: it was a typical October noon; there
was a cool breeze all over the place, and the sun was mellow. It
does not get any better in Delhi, the city of extremes.
I lay on my back, my mind not without trouble, when the
October air, the type that lulls you into sleep, without you actually
making any effort, did the trick. My eyes closed, my thoughts
scattered, when, suddenly, my cell phone buzzed. It was Khosla,
our Class Representative, one who does all the running for a
particular department; in my case, the Industrial and Production
Department, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.
“Hullo!!” I said yawning.
“Were you sleeping, Tejas? Get up, yaar, I couldn’t get you ticket;
there was this long queue and little time. Do what you want to
quickly. I guess only about fifty tickets left.” That woke me up.
“Only fifty?”
“Anyways, thanks, yaar, I’ll book mine. What are your seat
“Bogey S-9; the first twenty-seven are ours.”
I got up quickly. I had to rush to the nearest travel agent at
once. Bookings opened ten days back and the moron could find
time only now to book the tickets. What if I didn’t get mine? I
grabbed the essentials money and my itinerary that I had so