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Rome! The curse of Odin, when in the infancy of our nation he retire before the
myriads of the Empire, it is our privilege to fulfil! That future destruction which
he denounced against Rome, it is ours to effect! Remember your hostages that the
Romans have slain; your possessions that the Romans have seized; your trust that
the Romans have betrayed! Remember that I, your king, have within me that
supernatural impulse which never deceives, and which calls to me in a voice of
encouragement--Advance, and the Empire is thine! Assemble the warriors, and
the City of the World shall be delivered to the conquering Goths! Let us onward
without delay! Our prey awaits us! Our triumph is near! Our vengeance is at
He paused; and at that moment the trumpet gave signal for the march.
'Up! up!' cried Hermanric, seizing Goisvintha by the arm, and pointing to the
waggon which had already begun to move; 'make ready for the journey! I will
charge myself with the burial of the child. Yet a few days and our encampment
may be before Aquileia. Be patient, and I will avenge thee in the palaces of
The mighty mass moved. The multitude stretched forth over the barren ground;
and even now the warriors in front of the army might be seen by those in the rear
mounting the last range of passes that lay between the plains of Italy and the