Anti-Supernatural Assault Team HTML version

Anti-Supernatural Assault Team
By Michael Keyth
Book 0- Fresh Blood
A.S.A.T. (Anti-Supernatural Assault Team) is a special group created by a billionaire
Arthur West. They consist of 6 best people Arthur could find. Their main aim is to
find 5 pieces of the Seal of Solomon so they can stop the demon that is responsible for
the end of the world in 2012.
Book 0 tells the history of each member and how they become members o f A.S.A.T.
Book 0- Part 1- Arthur West
It all started with him.
December 14, 1995
It was a cold evening, the sky was full of thick, black clouds and it looked like it
would rain. Arthur West was working on his computer in the office which was situated in the
south part of the city. He was of medium height, slim and in his early forties. His brown hair
had only just started to turn grey.
Arthur looked at the clock sitting next to the computer screen. It was 9:58pm.
“Just two more minutes and you’re free,” he murmured to himself starring at the tiny
clock in the bottom-right corner of his screen.
The day wasn’t an easy one, as always. Being over forty and still having to work for
10 hours on a computer, made his job mundane and tireso me. Yet, the money was good and it
was the only thing that kept him coming there over and over again. The time changed to
“I’m done.” he mumbled enthusiastically, shutting down the program he was working
on and then standing up.
There was only one woman inside the building working a few boxes further away. She
looked at him and asked,
“Why so early Arthur?”
He looked at her with indifference.
“I’m done for the day thank god” came the bored answer.
“I have to stay until eleven. I have way too much work to do!” complained the woman
as she got back to her work.
Arthur walked up to a hanger beside the door, grabbed his jacket, put it on and turned his head
towards his colleague, saying,
“Bye Jane, see you later.”