Anti-Supernatural Assault Team


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A.S.A.T. (Anti-Supernatural Assault Team) is a special group created by a billionaire Arthur West. They consist of the 6 best people, Arthur could find. Their main aim is to find 5 pieces of the Seal of Solomon, so they can stop the demon that is responsible for the end of the world in 2012. Book 0 tells the story of each member and how they became involved in ASAT.

S. Whitmer

This book has a good story, but it's written poorly. It's like it was originally written in Japanese and then translated by someone whose first language wasn't English. Doesn't anyone ever proofread these things?


i wish i could choose 'like' and 'dislike'. it has a good plot, intriguing beginning, and life like characters. but oh my soul, the language sux. it seems the author wrote in another language and tried to translate using google. will someone PLEASE tell him/her there is no such thing as a 'man's blue print'??? it is a shadow or a silhouette or a outline or a profile or a ...get my drift? will read part 2 to find out if the world ends on 21 Dec 2012 [LOL!!!] but will be biting on my teeth to get through the language.


i did like the book but it really needs more proofreading. it is an introduction of characters but doesn't go anywhere else. I would like to read hte next one to see what they actually do!

Sonia Stowers

It would be awesome for you to include book 2. I enjoyed this book. Brain dead yet entertaining.

John Worner

I loved the book. Action described in details. Loved the Lian character the most. You must read all parts, because each part is different about different things. Part 1 is only introduction.


Michael Keyth

Michael Keyth was born In Poland In 1984. He was raised only by his mother and having only one parent made his childhood different from a typical one. After graduating high school, he studied English language in Polish city of Legnica and made a Master’s degree in English language . Since 2006 he has been working as an English teacher in the very high school he graduated from. He has never stayed in a native English country for longer than two days, but even though he decided to write in English. Being Polish and not being influenced by books but movies and TV series makes his work different from American and British literature. His series of novels- A.S.A.T. , Anti-Supernatural Assault Team- is an action, horror adventure project directed mainly to young adults, but it has also become popular among older and younger generation.

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