Anthropocentric HTML version

never plea, only ask
Disenchanted with life Byron Diaeh placed an advert in the paper for Death. It read:
I sit in a chair of the finest apathy
and as I wait quietly for the world
to become fiction, I request a tryst
with Death. May we discuss Life.
Please Respond.
If you are anthropocentric it is your belief that mankind is the centre of existence.
Not an unusual belief, most of mankind believes it to be true, that they are not only
the dominant species but they are also the superior species. But what exactly have
they achieved due to their superiority? To stand on two legs? Big advance. Ask the
ape, or the bear, or the dinosaurs that preceded them. Opposable thumbs? I suppose
it makes it easier to poke these thumbs further up their collective arses. But then
again, monkeys have four opposable thumbs, and bigger arses. And of course not
forgetting to fight; to have the self awareness to hate others of the same species for
reasons that eclipse on a planetary level the conception of the ridiculous. It gives
them the minds to invent endlessly more efficient and entertaining ways of destroying
themselves, and the planet that they carve up with misconceived ownership, to
disperse in the most self-gratuitous way possible. Rhetorical questions are not my
strong point.
Not all mankind, now a term the wrong side of politically correct. Not all personkind
(even the women) believed this. Byron Diaeh didn’t believe this. Death herself
didn’t believe this.