Another Piece of the Action HTML version

Tammas Parkin Arblaster-Garcia closed his eyes. He noted the time on his chronometer, provided by
his neural implant, and ran some quick calculations. Admiral Leonard H McCoy would be dead just over
seven hours now, which meant he had a window of about thirty more minutes in which he could still use the
Kelvan technology to resuscitate and restore him to perfect health. The Kelvan ship was in the hangar bay and
the control interface he required was in lock down. The technology was basically a computer console woven
into a cloth bracelet. The bracelet’s fabric was a metallic-gold color which highlighted the only other
noticeable feature, the silver button. When touched, the button became a conductor of a sort, connecting the
computer to the nerves in the fingertip and from there establishing a direct connection to the brain of the user.
An intellectual component was necessary to access the computer, a threshold below which one couldn’t access
it at all. The minimum intellectual component might establish a connection but that person risked permanent
brain damage. The person with sufficient intellectual capacity could access the computer and do miracles.
Garcia met and exceeded this attribute, and it was not due to genetic manipulation, good luck, good nutrition,
or even a proper education. He was Kelvan, not by birth, but by design. He was descendant from humans
who were once Kelvan, and in an attempt to make him more Kelvan than human his neural structure had been
modified. The neural map for the Kelvan physiology had been impressed on top of his human neural structure
over a period of time starting from conception and ending five years after he was born in a series of
procedures, each one building on the previous session’s work.
The procedures hadn’t been perfect, but it had sufficiently changed his psyche so that he could,
through the use of Kelvan technology similar to a transporter, be converted into a Kelvan. The final test was
actually transforming him into a Kelvan. Not only had he survived in Kelvan form, but he had full control
over his Kelvan physiology. Converting a non-modified human into Kelvan form was a death sentence. The
most obvious benefit of his being Kelvan was that he could use Kelvan technology. Wishes could instantly be
manifested like magic. To the untrained eye it might seem as if a telepathic connection to the computer had
been made and the will of the user was simply carried out.
But it was neither miracle nor magic. It was science. Science driven by pure intellect.
In this particular instance Garcia’s brain would link to the computer in the bracelet,and then that
computer was connected to the main computer on board the Kelvan ship, currently stowed on Hangar Deck 4.
Information would swirl virtually around him, providing him with thousands of options, and then, at the push
of that one button, his choice would be instantly transformed into work. And the work Garcia wanted done
was McCoy brought back to the living. An easy enough task, from the Kelvan perspective. No more difficult
than dehydrating an organic creature to its essential ingredients and then the following reconstitution of the
same entity. The creature never missed a beat or realized that anything had happened to it. To save McCoy
all Garcia had to do was get the wrist control mechanism that was currently under lock and key and put it on.
No, he didn’t even have to put it on. All he had to do was touch the button, allow his mind to interface with
the Kelvan computer system, tell it to repair McCoy, and then press the button. It would be easier than
making a wish and blowing out the candles on a cake.
The button was a fail safe. Total chaos would no doubt ensue had there been no button, no barrier
between thoughts and reality. If all his thoughts were instantly manifested, every person in his sphere of
influence would be in jeopardy of having Garcia’s will imposed on theirs. That wasn’t a good thing,
especially if one of his fleeting thoughts happened to be inappropriate. As it was, Tammas was often prone to
wild fantasies, tangents that kept him distracted, and the first time he had used the Kelvan device he had
revealed some things about himself that he would have preferred to have kept secret. In particular, the Kelvan
device amplified his OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder, and ADD, attention deficit disorder. There had
been so many options made available to him, so many possible details cluttering his mind, that he hadn’t been
precise enough when he had used the Kelvan technology to save Riker’s Away Team. Sure, he had restored
the team that had been reduced to their essential elements, minus the water, turning the polyhedra back into
their original form. But the exception came when he rehydrated Lt. Commander Shelby. He brought her back
wearing an outdated Star Fleet Uniform, specifically a mini skirt, tight blouse, and Go-Go boots. And he let
her hair down. These were liberties he would not have taken had he been in his right mind.