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Chapter 26
A fe w days later, hssswwx te rritory
“O ne Who Collects Water, I have a task for you. It is much different from what you were trying to do before,
but it is very important.”
“O ne Who Speaks When Others Must Be Silent, I am honored to serve in any way.” That was very much the
truth. O ne Who Collects Water had been worried that he was Not There. When an individual is Not There
no one speaks to him. His very existence is not acknowledged. Everyone treats him like a pile of dirt that
you just walk around and otherwise ignore.
“O ne Who Collects Water, I am invoking elgad-shaderrou. Do you know what that means?”
“All are called out for the common defense. All other activities are suspended, and everyone comes to the
place that is told.” Interjected One Who Tells O f Things Past. He was not one to be left out of a
“O ne Who Speaks When Others Must Be Silent, I am most humbly amazed. Has this ever been done
“It has been done before under very limited conditions. Never fully and completely, as is being done now.”
Interjected O ne Who Tells Of Things Past again.
One Who Speaks When Others Must Be Silent suppressed his irritation. He needed to build consensus for
something as big as this. O ne Who Tells O f Things Past had a sizable following.
“O ne Who Collects Water, you are to go from place to place telling of this. All are to come to where many
stones are jumbled together, near the most sacred place.”
Suddenly O ne Who Speaks When Others Must Be Silent had an idea that pleased him immensely. “O ne
Who Tells O f Things Past, you are to go with him. You can tell of the traditions that we are invoking with
elgad-shaderrou. This has not been done before, but all must know that it is in keeping with the tales from
long ago.”
One Who Speaks When Others Must Be Silent watched them tur n and go. Now he was alone. First O f
Those Who Fight would not be there for a while. One Who Speaks When Others Must Be Silent was weary
of the endless war. It was a strange thought, that it might soon be over. O ne way or the other, but it would be
At the human camp, a fe w weeks later
“Listen up men, we've got some Special Duty for you.”
Frank hated Special Duty. It meant that they had to go arrest some poor slob that had got drunk and done
something really stupid. O ne of these days he would ha ve to arrest Timmy.
“General Armstrong is going to tell you about it.”
Frank sat straighter in the saddle when General Armstrong rode up. Usually the General did not concern
himself with these matters.
“Men, there is a message that we have to be sure everybody hears. By everybody I mean every human being
on Altgeld.
“We are calling out every able-bodied person. It does not matter if crops need harvested or the cows need
milked. Just come. Everybody come to Camp Seiber and await further orders.
“I don't need to tell you that the hssswwx have been showing unexpected strength. It can take a brigade to