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Chapter 24
The Present
“Hello? Aunt Emma?”
“Hello? Oh, Louise!! How's my favorite niece?”
“O h, I'm doing fine. My internship is about what I expected. What I'm calling about is, have you heard from
Frank lately?”
“No, I have not, Louise. Have you heard anything fro m him?”
“Well, no. I did not expect to hear from him very often. Mail service to and from the third asteroid belt is
slow at best. I just hope they are able to find enough Californium to make a profit.”
What?? Why do you think he's prospecting for Californium in the asteroid belt?”
“Aunt Emma, that is what he told me the day he left. A friend of a friend talked to an old prospector who
told them the location of a huge deposit of Californium. They had to go quickly and keep it quiet so
someone else did not beat them to it.”
“That's funny, Louise. I talked to him about a week before he left and he said that he had been invited to an
archeological dig to identify the site of Landington. They have been looking for Landington for many years,
and it would be a huge boost to his career to be a part of that.”
Louise was not sure what to say. “And the asteroid mining was going to make him rich. Wherever he is, he
had better stay out of trouble because Mother is not going to be able to come and help him.”
“Louise most men will not write. You would think they do not know how.”
“Aunt Emma, I think all men are like that. Frank is about as likely to write as David from riding camp.”
“Louise, David was your horse and he was not going to write you a letter.”
“O h, I suppose not. As for Frank he seems pretty sensible and I'm sure he can take care of himself, wherever
he is.”
“Louise, it was nice of you to call. We will see at Thanksgiving.”
“Sure, Aunt Emma. Bye.”