Another Look at My Past HTML version

Chapter 14
The Present
“Alright, country boys. You have done a good job of learning everything we set in front of you. You have
changed into the period clothing we have manufactured for you. Yes in the Heroic Era they used buttons, not
submolecular attractors.”
“Tracy, I have a question.” Horace Wilson politely raised his hand.
Tracy was glad enough for the interruption. Her pep talk was supposed to take half an hour, and she was
having trouble thinking of anything to say. “Yes, Horace, what is it?”
“O ne of my sleeves is longer than the other. See, the right sleeve is two inches longer than the left.”
Everybody looked and yes, his right sleeve came down over his hand but the left ended well above the wrist.
“Yes Horace, there was a problem with the replicator that produced there items. One of the programmers
made a mistake, can you believe it.”
“I can't say that to the people in the past. What do I say when they see these goofy sleeves?”
This was a good thing for Tracy. Jesse was supposed to be here by now, but there was no sign of him. Get
this group going on something stupid, and you could spend all day. All Tracy needed was to get them started.
“Maybe you can say that shirt belonged to your Uncle Wayne. O ne of his arms was two inc hes longer than
the other.”
Timmy was not to be outdone. “That shirt was made by your Aunt Shirley. She could never sew worth a
Others contributed ideas.
“Try to act like one of your arms is longer than the other. Hold yourself at an angle and ke ep talking fast.”
“You were so poor that you could not afford long sleeves on both sides.”
“You were attacked by a group of sheep and they nibbled the one side off.”
“Just tear the sleeves off both sides.”
Tracy turned to see who had offered a slightly sensible idea. There stood Jesse Plowshare, the man who has
invented time travel.
“Alright time travelers, settle down. Jesse is here to brief you on departure procedure.”
“Your Uncle Keith fell down a well and he was holding onto that sleeve and stretched it out.” Timmy still
had ideas to share.
“Jesse is also going to give you the pickup procedure. Maybe you want to hear that.”
The group settled down. Jesse Plowshare pulled out a wad of handwritten notes and began to speak.
“The multidimensional corelational n-matrices are not convergent with the aspect of variable spational
variation. This impacts our operational doctrine contrarywise.”
Tracy looked out at the time travel cadets and saw nothing but blank faces. “Jesse” She said in a stage
whisper. “They did not understand that. Say it simpler.”
Jesse paused for a long moment. Finally he managed “Time travel is really complicated. We have to pick