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Chapter 32
He Who Walks Beside Flowing Water felt like events were spinning out of control. He had rejoined 'edkar
last' right before they reached The Place O f Gathering. They did not stop there at all, but kept on moving to
an unknown destination. He Who Does Not Want To Hear About It had not communicated to them at all
after pointing in the direction they were to run. It had been over ha lf a day now, and not once had he told He
Who Walks Beside Flowing Water that his mother had come from a cracked egg. Puzzling.
Then suddenly He Who Walks Beside Flowing Water understood. He Who Does Not Want To Hear About It
knew what was going to happen. No, he did not have a mystical ability to foretell the future. But he knew
that they were going into battle today. And he knew what that was like, which explained his change of mood.
There was a huge cloud of dust not very far way. There seemed to be such chaos in the dust cloud that he
could not tell who was in there or what they were doing. And those that were in the dust cloud, they seemed
somehow wrong.
Humans. He Who Walks Beside Flowing Water was seeing humans for the first time in his young life. For
this moment he had been preparing. He grasped his newly- made ancestral hunting spear and rushed into the
heart of the dust cloud.
Frank could not see anything for the dust. There was no wind at all to blow away the dust so it just stayed
there. Sergeant Pain had led them into the dust cloud at a full gallop, but all they found was the dust.
“To your left!!” Bellowed Smythe. “Yo ung ones.”
Frank wheeled his horse to the left and indeed there were some smallish hssswwx. The men set their pikes
and charged 'edkar last'.
He Who Walks Beside Flowing Water saw the misshapen creatures that rode on other misshapen creatures.
One of them was coming right at him !! He Who Walks Beside Flowing Water held out his ancestral hunting
spear. “Go back to the sky where you came from!” He screamed.
Frank saw that his target was rather timidly holding out a spear. Without thinking about it Frank slapped the
spear aside and jammed his pike into the creature. It screamed pitifully and thrashed its limbs around.
Frank's horse backed up without being told, which pulled the pike out of He Who Walks Beside Flowing
Water. The horse was already a veteran when Frank had emerged from the future and it knew what to do.
“Frank, put down that hssswwx spear!” shouted Sergeant Pain. “Act like a human being!” Frank looked and
yes, he was holding a hssswwx spear in his left hand.
With General Armstrong
General Armstrong was fuming. He did not know what was happening everywhere. Usually the Army was
not so big but what he could see the big picture. But now he had to sit on his horse exhibiting leadership
qualities while messengers rode up and gave him repor ts. Then he would give orders for the messengers to
take back. It was about as exciting as a life insurance company.
Here came another one. He was from the 449th volunteer infantry. The messenger was regular Army riding
on a horse, but the 449th volunteer infantry was a bunch of farmers trying to hold their pike like it was a