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Chapter 31
Frank Mills and his unit were on the move. Provided that by 'on the move' you meant 'plodding very slowly'.
Frank and his friends were on horseback, but they were being passed by people on foot. If this had been an
interactive holo-drama, Frank could have focused his attention on the mental link for “See the problem” and
it would have showed the overturned watermelon cart (or whatever) that was blocking the road. But since
this was real life they would never find out what was happening a mile or so up the road.
“There's another holdup.” Re marked Frank to Nelson.
“Yes there is.” Responded Nelson.
“I wonder what it is this time.”
“There is no way we can know that.”
They had had this conversation before. They would have this conversation again.
“It seems strange that people on foot are passing us who are on horseback.”
“That's because our orders are to stay on the road. We can't run off and leave the supply wagons
“From who? All these newcomers to the Army?”
Frank looked around at the sea of newly minted foot soldiers. There were a lot of them. Here came a man
carrying what was probably supposed to be a pike. A crudely fashioned pike, it was.
It happened that their eyes met. “Howdy.” Said the man on foot.
“Howdy yourself.” replied Frank.
This man was obviously straight off the farm. His face was deeply sunburned and he walked like he was
going through deep mud. What could Frank say to him?
“Aren't you afraid to leave the home place with nobody to watch things?” Smooth or not, that is what Frank
thought of to say.
“Why not?”
“Ain't nobody left in the whole countryside. Everybody's done been called out.”
At that point the man had moved past Frank, so the conversation was at an end. Frank was left to stand in
place and envy the soldier who had recruited that area. The whole neighborhood!! In Frank's areas, maybe
half the people seemed receptive to being drafted. Frank wondered what the man had said to get one hundred
percent cooperation.
In the hssswwx camp
She Who Gathers Stones Together looked at the group she had been training. She could not find it in any of
her hearts to call them an edkar. They just stood there looking at her. When one of them wanted to go
somewhere he simply went, without mak ing any effort to stay with the “edkar”.
Time was short. Soon they would go into battle against real actual humans. While these misfits would never
measure up to edkar one, she needed to try to scare them into trying harder.