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Chapter 30
“This classified meeting of this Committee is now in session. No minutes will be kept, and you shall not
speak to anyone about these proceedings.” The Chairman looked out at the Assemblymen that made up his
committee. His committee. He had served forty-two consecutive one-year terms in the Assembly, and that
gave him a considerable measure of confidence.
“Assemblyman Adams, did you want to say something.”
“Is there any way we can have Professor Lively arrested? I'm sure he was lying about something.”
The Chairman gazed at Assemblyman Adams with bemused contempt. “And what exactly was he lying
about? And can you prove it? The physics of time travel is not anything that a normal person can
understand. This whole thing was created by a small group of insiders, and we have no independent experts
to consult.”
“I think these are people who are not happy with the way things are, and they are looking for a way to make
changes.” Assemblyman Baker voiced the concern that they all shared.
Now Assemblyman Cedric spoke. “Would we even know if they changed things back in the past? Or would
we just say 'It has always been that way'? If we don't watch out we all are going to find a hssswwx in our
back yard.” As a small child he had had a vivid dream about a hssswwx in the back yard. It had stayed with
him ever since.
“I have been told that if there was a change in the timeline that altered some specific event, those of us who
personally remembered that event would say 'I don't remember it that way!! I swear I remember that it
happened this other way!!' The history books would tell it the altered way, not the way we remembered.”
Assemblyman Davis was quoting what they all had been told by a disgruntled former worker at the time lab.
Now Assemblyman Ellerman decided it was time for a joke. “Maybe that's already happening. Last week I
could have sworn that I had parked on Elm Street, and it turned out that I had parked on Maple Street.”
The Chairman laughed dutifully along with the rest of them. Then the thought came to him, what if that
really was because of a timeline distortion? Probably not, Assemblyman Ellerman was kind of goofy. And
best not to dwell on it, or every time that he misplaced his keys it would be because of a timeline distortion.
He would push these thoughts aside by taking action.
“We could sit here all day talking about Professor Lively or the physics of time travel. We need to make
plans to make sure that nothing gets messed up. And I need to know that you all are with me on this. We've
got to have all our ducks in a row and quacking in unison.”
Assemblyman Adams dared to interrupt. “I thought that they were just over halfway through their one-year
The Chairman was unperturbed. “Yes, that is true. But these things take time anyway. I have to talk to some
people who know some people who know how to get in touch with other people. Then I have to meet with
more people who know some folks whose second cousins can maybe help us. So no need to get in a hurry.”
The meeting soon adjourned. Each Assemblyman was left with his own thoughts about what the future
might hold.