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Chapter 29
The Army was idle no longer. Gone were the days of spending all day sitting on the flat rock. Frank and
Bud Grace were stationed at the main entrance of Camp Seiber, mounted and in full battle gear. Their orders
were to 'stand there and show them what real soldiers look like.' They also gave a lot of directions.
“This is Camp Seiber. Go through the gate there and keep going straight until someone tells you to stop.”
“Is this here the place where we's supposed to go to fight the hssswwx?”
“That's right. Keep moving, there are people behind you.”
“I don't see no hssswwx up there. How are we going to fight them if there ain't any of them up there?
“Just go through the gate and some nice people will tell you all about it.”
They went. Bud was laughing over Frank's statement about 'nice people'. Bud was not really Frank's type,
but by now Frank knew how to act around people like that.
It was Bud's turn to talk to the next group of ragtag humanity. Frank took the opportunity to look down the
road. As far as the eye could see there were groups of people coming to Camp Seiber in response to the
universal mobilization. There were a surprising amount of women, and some children who looked way too
young to be in the military. Frank wondered if he would see John and his family. Since they were the first
ones he talked to, they were kind of special to him.
Frank's turn again. “Welcome to Camp Seiber. Keep moving, you didn't come all this way just to stand there
looking around.”
“Is we going to get fed here?”
Ye s, but only if you go through the gate right now. Plenty for everybody, but you have to go through the
gate to get it.”
Now there was a gap before the next group was in earshot. Bud nudged his horse over to where Frank and
his steed were standing. “That was a whopper you just told about plenty for everybody. I spent some time in
Supply while you were on your little adventure on Special Duty. There were not all that many supplies in
Supply. We are not going to be able to feed all these people for all t hat long.”
Frank was a little taken aback. “We were told to say this was the final push, that we were going to end it
Bud regarded Frank with a baleful stare. “We had better hope so. I could tell you forty-six different ways
that this universal mobilization can't last very long.”
The next group was coming, and Bud moved back into his place. Frank picked out one woman at random.
What was her story? Where had she come from and why? No telling. When you were playing Time of the
Ages you could just focus your attention on any character and it would bring up complete biography and
Frank had come to the gradual, grudging realization that Bud was a very intelligent man. Bud still suspected
that Frank and his friends were somehow different from everyone else. He would have no way of knowing
about time travel, but it would be bad enough to be labeled a pathizer. The only thing to do was try to act
normal and not give any more cause for suspicion.
“Welcome to Camp Seiber. Keep moving.” It was going to be a long day.
Inside Camp Seiber