Another Inconvenient Truth HTML version

“Every pastor hopes that the people who sit and listen every week 'get it'. After years observing Justin
Derby, and having the privilege to watch him mature as a believer and now as a writer, I can say with
no hesitation, Justin 'gets it'. Another Inconvenient Truth: What Secular America Hates is a clear,
concise, passionate push-back against the spirit of the age. With wisdom well past his years, and with
dogged determination, Justin goes right at the pressing issues of our day, with an unwavering
commitment to the unchanging inerrant Word of God. True lovers of truth will find this book extremely
--Dr. Jim Jenkins
Founder of The Jude 3 Fellowship, and author of Fatal Drift: Is The Church Losing it's
“Our world today as we know it is decaying fast and most Christians are beginning to be conformed to
the world, forgetting that we are supposed to continually lift up the blood stained banner of Jesus
Christ in a decaying world.
In this timely revelation, Another Inconvenient Truth: What Secular America Hates, Justin Derby has
once again, like the prophets of old, called on all Christians to be aware of the devices of the devil.
The Evil one, that old serpent, has a properly designed strategy to completely take God away from our
society through the teachings of humanism/atheism incorporated into our belief system. Justin Derby,
in his expository book, has opened my eyes to the master plan of the devil to turn the younger
generation away from God through academic indoctrination, scientific arguments and experimentation.
This book, Another Inconvenient Truth, is not for the weak, it’s for those who will love the world and
deny our Master and his word.
If we are to stop the gates of hell from prevailing in our world today, then every child of God needs to
wake up to the truths revealed in this timely classic. This is a must read for every child of God who
wants to see the kingdom of God established on earth.”
Christian Writer and Editor
"Justin Derby's latest book, Another Inconvenient Truth, is a concise expose' of the clearly stated, and
deliberate, plans haters of Jesus have been perpetrating right under our noses for decades. Derby
describes the Atheist agenda being enacted, with their own words, and concludes the response of Christ
expertly from Scripture. We may have left monsters unchallenged and society in a shambles, as a result,
but the haters of God are too blind to see the 'inconvenient truth'. Derby shows us: God wins.
Christians are are NOT blind. We are SUPPOSED to see; we are supposed to defy the Lies. We are of
the Solution - And this is the most chilling fact of all. We've all been acting like blind men for far too
long. Christians must defy the lie with, 'discernment and fidelity to the truth', knowing we are in the
battles of a war already won by our Commander. Be, therefore, very courageous.
I will using this resource for a long time to come."
--Jemima Amos,