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Chapter Two

Annie’s angel loved mornings in Annie’s house. She loved the way Annie’s mother would wake up Annie and Tom. She would climb into their beds, rub their backs, and murmur how much she loved them. Slowly, they would awaken, both of them with smiles on their faces, as the mother gave them butterfly kisses. Yes, Annie’s angel loved the mornings, but this morning Annie’s angel was sad. She knew that by nightfall, this family would be devastated, and somehow, she had to make things better. She flitted back into Annie’s room, and watched her as she pulled on her sweater.

“Mum!” Annie yelled, “It snowed!”


“It did?” Tom called.


“Yes, it looks wonderful out there!”


“Get dressed, you two. Breakfast is almost ready,” their mother called.

Annie’s angel was getting nervous. Her time was running out. Think! Think! Think! She had to come up with something for this family. Now, normally, guardian angels didn’t do anything for anyone else, they are pretty much just there for their own special person, but Annie’s angel was different. She had a bigger heart than most angels. All the other angels used to whisper about that behind her wings. It’s funny, but that didn’t bother her, because somehow, having a bigger heart was a good thing, and she knew it!

Down the stairs Annie skipped. She could smell the French toast her mum was making, and she was hungry! Tom and Dad were already at the table, and Annie scooted into her chair.


“Hi, guys,” she giggled. She always said the same thing every morning, and everyone smiled.


“Are you ever going to say anything different?” her brother teased.


“Now, why would I change now?” she smiled at him.


“Yes, why would you?” her dad whispered.


Annie’s mum put plates of steaming French toast in front of each of them and then sat down in her seat. Annie’s angel smiled. Breakfast was the best meal of the day!


Annie excused herself from the table, as did Tom, and they ran up the stairs to brush their teeth before school.


“I can’t believe they didn’t call off school, today,” Annie’s mum said.


“I know,” said her dad. “Would you like me to give the kids a ride to school, today?”


“I think that would be a good idea,” her mum said.


“No!!” Annie cried, “Let us walk today, OK? It’ll be fun!”


“I’ll watch her, Mum, I promise,” said Tom.


“Well, all right, but I want you to know, I’ll be worried until I hear from you guys, so call me when you get there, OK?”

The children could tell their mum was worried, but she was such a worrier. They smiled at each other and continued to get ready for school. Once they were all bundled up, they headed out the door after giving hugs and kisses to their parents.

00003.jpg“Mum, look!” Annie called, and her parents watched as she lay down and made a snow angel by the front walkway.


“Oh, Annie, you’ll be all wet for school!” her mother called. “Mum, I’ll be fine!” she called gaily, as she and Tom went running down the snow-lined street. 00004.jpg