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11. The Story Of Leslie Moore
"Yes, the eighth baby arrived a fortnight ago," said Miss Cornelia, from a rocker before
the fire of the little house one chilly October afternoon. "It's a girl. Fred was ranting mad-
-said he wanted a boy--when the truth is he didn't want it at all. If it had been a boy he'd
have ranted because it wasn't a girl. They had four girls and three boys before, so I
can't see that it made much difference what this one was, but of course he'd have to be
cantankerous, just like a man. The baby is real pretty, dressed up in its nice little
clothes. It has black eyes and the dearest, tiny hands."
"I must go and see it. I just love babies," said Anne, smiling to herself over a thought too
dear and sacred to be put into words.
"I don't say but what they're nice," admitted Miss Cornelia. "But some folks seem to
have more than they really need, believe ME. My poor cousin Flora up at the Glen had
eleven, and such a slave as she is! Her husband suicided three years ago. Just like a
"What made him do that?" asked Anne, rather shocked.
"Couldn't get his way over something, so he jumped into the well . A good riddance! He
was a born tyrant. But of course it spoiled the well. Flora could never abide the thought
of using it again, poor thing! So she had another dug and a frightful expense it was, and
the water as hard as nails. If he HAD to drown himself there was plenty of water in the
harbor, wasn't there? I've no patience with a man like that. We've only had two suicides
in Four Winds in my recollection. The other was Frank West--Leslie Moore's father. By
the way, has Leslie ever been over to call on you yet?"
"No, but I met her on the shore a few nights ago and we scraped an acquaintance," said
Anne, pricking up her ears.
Miss Cornelia nodded.
"I'm glad, dearie. I was hoping you'd foregather with her. What do you think of her?"
"I thought her very beautiful."
"Oh, of course. There was never anybody about Four Winds could touch her for looks.
Did you ever see her hair? It reaches to her feet when she lets it down. But I meant how
did you like her?"
"I think I could like her very much if she'd let me," said Anne slowly.