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3. The Land Of Dreams Among
"Have you made up your mind who you're going to have to the wedding, Anne?" asked
Mrs. Rachel Lynde, as she hemstitched table napkins industriously. "It's time your
invitations were sent, even if they are to be only informal ones."
"I don't mean to have very many," said Anne. "We just want those we love best to see
us married. Gilbert's people, and Mr. and Mrs. Allan, and Mr. and Mrs. Harrison."
"There was a time when you'd hardly have numbered Mr. Harrison among your dearest
friends," said Marilla drily.
"Well, I wasn't VERY strongly attracted to him at our first meeting," acknowledged Anne,
with a laugh over the recollection. "But Mr. Harrison has improved on acquaintance, and
Mrs. Harrison is really a dear. Then, of course, there are Miss Lavendar and Paul."
"Have they decided to come to the Island this summer? I thought they were going to
"They changed their minds when I wrote them I was going to be married. I had a letter
from Paul today. He says he MUST come to my wedding, no matter what happens to
"That child always idolised you," remarked Mrs. Rachel.
"That `child' is a young man of nineteen now, Mrs. Lynde."
"How time does fly!" was Mrs. Lynde's brilliant and original response.
"Charlotta the Fourth may come with them. She sent word by Paul that she would come
if her husband would let her. I wonder if she still wears those enormous blue bows, and
whether her husband calls her Charlotta or Leonora. I should love to have Charlotta at
my wedding. Charlotta and I were at a wedding long syne. They expect to be at Echo
Lodge next week. Then there are Phil and the Reverend Jo----"
"It sounds awful to hear you speaking of a minister like that, Anne," said Mrs. Rachel
"His wife calls him that."
"She should have more respect for his holy office, then," retorted Mrs. Rachel.
"I've heard you criticise ministers pretty sharply yourself," teased Anne.