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XIV. Anne's Confession
ON the Monday evening before the picnic Marilla came down from her room with a
troubled face.
"Anne," she said to that small personage, who was shelling peas by the spotless table
and singing, "Nelly of the Hazel Dell" with a vigor and expression that did credit to
Diana's teaching, "did you see anything of my amethyst brooch? I thought I stuck it in
my pincushion when I came home from church yesterday evening, but I can't find it
"I--I saw it this afternoon when you were away at the Aid Society," said Anne, a little
slowly. "I was passing your door when I saw it on the cushion, so I went in to look at it."
"Did you touch it?" said Marilla sternly.
"Y-e-e-s," admitted Anne, "I took it up and I pinned it on my breast just to see how it
would look."
"You had no business to do anything of the sort. It's very wrong in a little girl to meddle.
You shouldn't have gone into my room in the first place and you shouldn't have touched
a brooch that didn't belong to you in the second. Where did you put it?"
"Oh, I put it back on the bureau. I hadn't it on a minute. Truly, I didn't mean to meddle,
Marilla. I didn't think about its being wrong to go in and try on the brooch; but I see now
that it was and I'll never do it again. That's one good thing about me. I never do the
same naughty thing twice."
"You didn't put it back," said Marilla. "That brooch isn't anywhere on the bureau. You've
taken it out or something, Anne."
"I did put it back," said Anne quickly--pertly, Marilla thought. "I don't just remember
whether I stuck it on the pincushion or laid it in the china tray. But I'm perfectly certain I
put it back."
"I'll go and have another look," said Marilla, determining to be just. "If you put that
brooch back it's there still. If it isn't I'll know you didn't, that's all!"
Marilla went to her room and made a thorough search, not only over the bureau but in
every other place she thought the brooch might possibly be. It was not to be found and
she returned to the kitchen.