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The Way It Often Happens
Anne rose betimes the next morning and blithely greeted the fresh day, when the
banners of the sunrise were shaken triumphantly across the pearly skies. Green Gables
lay in a pool of sunshine, flecked with the dancing shadows of poplar and willow.
Beyond the land was Mr. Harrison's wheatfield, a great, windrippled expanse of pale
gold. The world was so beautiful that Anne spent ten blissful minutes hanging idly over
the garden gate drinking the loveliness in.
After breakfast Marilla made ready for her journey. Dora was to go with her, having
been long promised this treat.
"Now, Davy, you try to be a good boy and don't bother Anne," she straitly charged him.
"If you are good I'll bring you a striped candy cane from town."
For alas, Marilla had stooped to the evil habit of bribing people to be good!
"I won't be bad on purpose, but s'posen I'm bad zacksidentally?" Davy wanted to know.
"You'll have to guard against accidents," admonished Marilla. "Anne, if Mr. Shearer
comes today get a nice roast and some steak. If he doesn't you'll have to kill a fowl for
dinner tomorrow."
Anne nodded.
"I'm not going to bother cooking any dinner for just Davy and myself today," she said.
"That cold ham bone will do for noon lunch and I'll have some steak fried for you when
you come home at night."
"I'm going to help Mr. Harrison haul dulse this morning," announced Davy. "He asked
me to, and I guess he'll ask me to dinner too. Mr. Harrison is an awful kind man. He's a
real sociable man. I hope I'll be like him when I grow up. I mean BEHAVE like him . . . I
don't want to LOOK like him. But I guess there's no danger, for Mrs. Lynde says I'm a
very handsome child. Do you s'pose it'll last, Anne? I want to know?"
"I daresay it will," said Anne gravely. "You ARE a handsome boy, Davy," . . . Marilla
looked volumes of disapproval . . . "but you must live up to it and be just as nice and
gentlemanly as you look to be."
"And you told Minnie May Barry the other day, when you found her crying 'cause some
one said she was ugly, that if she was nice and kind and loving people wouldn't mind
her looks," said Davy discontentedly. "Seems to me you can't get out of being good in
this world for some reason or 'nother. You just HAVE to behave."