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things on earth, people, animals, birds, and fish; not eternal life or some immaterial
invisible part of them that is eternal. If a person being a soul [nehphesh–a living being]
makes that person be either immortal or in the image of God, then it makes animals,
birds, and fish being a soul [nehphesh–a living being] also be immortal and in the image
of God.
[5] Genesis 2:7 "A living soul" [soulnehphesh, used referring to a person]. The first
time the King James Version translated nehphesh into "soul," most other
translations did not agree with it, not even the New King James Version. "Man
became a living being" New King James Version.
“A living creature" [nehphesh] Genesis 1:20
“A living creature" [nehphesh] Genesis 1:21
“A living creature" [nehphesh] Genesis 1:24
Wherein there is life" [nehphesh] Genesis 1:30
“A living soul" [nehphesh] Genesis 2:7 "Man became a living being" New King James Version
o It is obvious that the translators of the King James Version translated according to a preconceived
opinion in an attempt make persons have immortality but keep animals from having souls; they
made a distinction in animals and men that dose not exist in the Hebrew Bible.
o Genesis 2:7 Man became:
“A living soul" King James Version
"A living being" New King James Version, American Standard Version, New American
Standard Version, Revised Standard Version, New Revised Standard Version, New
International Version, Amplified Version, The New American Bible.
"A living person" New Century Version, The Living Bible, New Living Translation.]
"A living creature" The Revised English Bible, Young's Literal Translation.
"Life" Contemporary English Version.
Although this passage is repeatedly used to prove man has an immortal soul that
animals do not have most translations other than the King James apply it to the
living breathing being or person, not to an invisible inter part of a person. Adam
being spoken of as a "living being" [nehphesh] proves he was mortal, not immortal,
just as all "living beings" [nehphesh] fish, birds, animals, are mortal, not immortal.
How can this be one of the proof texts used to prove Adam was made with an
immortal soul? If it proves Adam had an immortal soul then it proves that fish have
an immortal soul that cannot die.
It is importance to understand that it is being said that animals and mankind are
a soul [are living beings] not that animals or mankind have a soul [have a part, an
immortal, invisible, no substitute something in them that cannot die]. Many assume
Genesis is saying only mankind has souls but animals do not. Because of what they
have been taught most, without realizing it they read into this that only mankind
has a soul that is an immortal, invisible, no substitutes something that cannot die.
This causes them to believe that only this immortal part of them self will be saved (more
on this at the end of this chapter).
THE BREATH OF LIFE: Some have switched from the soul being the immortal
part of a person to the spirit being the immortal part of a person that animals do not have.
“Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathe into his nostrils
the breath of life; and man became a living being” The phrase “breath of life” that was
breathed into man is the same Hebrew “breath of life” in Genesis 7:21-22 that is in the
nostrils of birds, cattle, men and beasts. It is not a soul that men have but animals do not
have; it does not say that God breathed into Adam an immortal soul; the breathless body
that God made from the earth is what became a living breathing being [nshahmah]. God