Animalogy: Dogs and Other Canids HTML version

Owners must show that they are ‘the boss’ (alpha male),
otherwise the Aidi will likely take over.
The Aidi is an outdoor dog. Apartment dwellers are not
recommended to own this breed of dog. Aidis need to work and
move about.
The Aidi is 24 inches tall and weighs 55 lbs.
The Ainu dog is slim, muscular, and compact dog. This dog
is brave, fast, easily trained, energetic, faithful, and is a
good hunter and guard.
The Ainu dog can challenge a large bear several times its
size and weight. This is an outdoors dog that will not be
suitable for apartment life. Long walks and a large yard or a
place to run in are necessary.
The Ainu dog is a Spitz breed native to Japan and is
sometimes referred to as a Hokkaido dog. They trace their
history back to 1000 B.C.
Ainu dogs weigh 45-65 lbs. and are 18-22 inches tall.
Airedale terriers (king of terriers) are the largest of the
terrier dogs. The Airedale has a dense, wiry coat that is water
resistant. Their heads are long and may appear rectangular at a
glance. The head is held high.
Airedales originated in Yorkshire, England, in the mid-19th
century. They were used in rat killing competitions by the
Yorkshire working class. Airedales were placed near the banks of
the Aire River and surrounding area. Rats that entered the water
were duly chased by the Airedale Terrier then killed, if
possible. They have a very strong bite.
Airedale males are 23 to 25 inches tall and weigh 55 to 65
Airedales are multi-purpose dogs. They’ve been used for
hunting (rats, coyotes, foxes, otters, fitches), guarding, doing
police and military work, herding, sporting, search and rescue,
aiding the physically challenged, and are good companion
animals. They have an appearance of elegance and class. Teddy
Roosevelt admired the Airedale terrier.
Two recognized breeds of Akitas are the original Japanese
Akitas and the American standard Akitas. The exceptions to the 2
breed rule are in the U.S. and Canada. They’re considered one
breed. I take the latter’s opinion.
The American version has a black mask while the Japanese
The Akitas trace their origins to the northern mountainous
district of Japan. They were used to hold big game at bay until
the hunter came. They were also used to bring back water fowl.
Akitas have the physical appearance of a cold climate dog.
They’re the largest of the spitz-type dogs. These dogs are
beautiful, courageous, tough, dignified, detached to strangers,