Animalogy: Dogs and Other Canids HTML version

the tenacious efforts of Bessie Mallie the Affen received
official recognition.
The Affen is 10 to 15 inches tall and weighs 7 to 9 lbs.
Afghan hounds are an ancient breed. These sight hounds are
graceful, fast (not as fast as the greyhound, but they have
better endurance), and convey a stately appearance.
Afghan hounds have long bodies, noticeably thick and long
coats, and proudly carry their heads up.
Afghans date back to Ancient Egypt, 4000 years. They were
‘employed’ as sight hound hunters. They were bred to be fast,
agile, and merciless in their hunting pursuits in ground terrain
and mountains.
The Afghan hounds’ ancestors were brought to Afghanistan by
tribal peoples. In Afghanistan they chased down gazelles, hares,
and snow leopards. Countless generations of chasing fast prey
and living in rugged and rough mountainous terrain in
Afghanistan have made this breed of dog a tough and fast hunter.
Afghan hounds were ‘brought’ to England during the 19th
century by returning military personnel.
Afghan hounds tend to ‘attach’ themselves to one or two
persons and may be cat like to others.
The Afghan hound is 27 to 29 inches tall and weighs 58 to
65 lbs.
Africanis (African Dog) is the ‘generic name’ used for the
native dogs of Southern Africa. This dog is medium-sized,
muscular, runs fast, and has a smooth gait. This dog forms close
attachments to its human family. It’s a good guard dog, herder
of animals and livestock. Africanis is territorial but friendly.
The Africanis was bred and raised to be in open land. It
needs roaming space and freedom. This is a healthy dog that can
walk behind you for long distances without having to feel a need
to lead.
The Africanis traces its ancestry to 5000 BC, Ancient
Egypt. Although the Africanis is not a recognized breed Southern
Africa is an incredibly large area with rich history and the
Africanis has been used extensively as a special purpose dog.
There are no precise height or weight measurements.
The Aidi or Atlas Mountain Dog is a North African
(Moroccan) dog that is 5000 years old.
The Aidi was employed to guard and protect people, flocks,
and property from mountain predators. Aidis were prized for
their readiness and preparedness to work and do what they had
to. It is an independent thinker, has good vision, olfactory
sense, and is powerful.
Trained Aidis can run on uneven, irregular terrain, skip
from one rock to another, and have a keen sense for spotting