Animalogy: Dogs and Other Canids HTML version

The Affenpinschers (Affen), sometimes referred to as
‘monkey terriers’ or ‘ratters’ date back to early 17th century
Germany. This dog was an excellent ratter (rat killer).
The Affen comes in black, fawn, gray, black and tan, gray
and tan, and seldom reddish. Its feet and chest may be white.
Its fur feels wiry.
Originally, Affens were larger. Later, they were bred to be
mousers (house mouse killers). Long-skirted women had every
reason to fear mice. But during their heyday Affens were placed
in farms or any place where rats could live in.
Affens are tough and strong for their size. They’re
energetic, playful, alert, inquisitive, and protective of those
whom they love. This is an energetic dog needing daily activity.
According to an April 1950 AKC Gazette publication the
Affen was brought to America in the mid-1930s. Note, standards
and critiques of breeds were vague compared to today. Thanks to