Animalogy: Conquest of the Animal World HTML version

Tuna nets are responsible for the killing of countless
dolphins every year. Thankfully, new and improved dolphin safe
nets are on the market. However, this new discovery is not
universal. The shrimp industry is responsible for the most by-
catch killings.
Large-scale meat eating in what was to later become the
U.S. began in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Salted pork was
placed in large barrels for storage and sale.
In 1641, the Massachusetts Bay Colony enacted the first
animal cruelty statute. Article 92, called the „Body of
Liberties’. This law forbade any person from exercising cruelty
or tyranny unto an animal that is used by „man’.
This law, incredible for its time, was enacted only two
decades after the Mayflower landed on Plymouth Rock.
This however, did not stop the large-scale trail drives pr
the establishment of the gigantic slaughtering facilities. The
most famous of which was the Chicago Union Stockyards.
Factory farms carry the highest number of food animals. The
future may see multi-level factory farms. Larger areas of land
cost more; this is a big business.
„AGRIBIGNESS’ is in the business of making money. Factory
farms hold units, or „singular-stocks’ not living creatures.
In addition to meat, humans use the skins, eggs, milk, fat,
enzymes, hair, fur, teeth, eyes, testicles, bones, bone marrow,
tongues, entrails, brains, heart, blood, fecal matter, urine and
semen of animals.
Regarding factory farms, the sheer quantity of output makes
it quite difficult to go slow and easy with each and every
slaughtering (workers can’t take their time).
Many people still believe that factory farm animals live
normal animal lives. People need to know the truth. It’s the
consumer who brings in the money.
Factory farmed animals end up nicely packaged into „pretty’
pink-red, red, or white slabs that can be cooked into edible
food. We prefer to see the „packaged version’ of the slaughtered
The Chicago Union Stockyards (CUSY) was established in 1865
to feed millions of Americans. Even then, America was a powerful
nation with a growing population.
The CUSY encompassed nearly one square mile. In the CUSY,
labourers unloaded animals directly into the facility for
slaughtering, canning and then packing.
Over twenty five thousand people were employed in Chicago's
meatpacking industry. It would eventually reach forty five
The CUSY was responsible for „meat-feeding’ eighty percent
of America. Americans as a whole still love meat.