Animalogy: Conquest of the Animal World HTML version

limited to animal rights, animal welfare, animal use, animal
abuse, entertainment, social work, social studies, human
services, consumption, war, history, criminal justice,
criminology, breeding, trafficking, work, clothing, killing,
hunting and trapping, trading, medicine (medication, anatomy,
physiology, vivisection), pharmacology, health, psychology
(behaviour, vivisection), academics, display, food (pet food,
animals as food), etc.
There are an estimated 80 million cats and over 70 million
dogs living in American households. This does not include the
unknown number of strays. Between 5 and 7 millions cats and dogs
are euthanized in animal shelters annually.
Animal activism is prevalent throughout much of the world.
In addition to this, we need animal studies courses in the
fields of criminology, criminal justice, and social work.
Further on, if possible, our colleges and universities need to
incorporate degree programs in Animal Welfare. One university in
India has already done this.
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs should be „academically
extended’ to companion animals. What does your dog or cat need
to attain self-actualization?
Companion animals that are treated with love, kindness, and
compassion, by their owners should be ever so thankful.
Companion animals, like babies, cannot speak. As such, acts of
abuse and neglect may go unnoticed, except by caring visitors to
homes. Worse yet, sadism and brutality against companion animals
are often hidden from the public’s eye.
Animals have been our companions, guards, slaves,
entertainers (cinema, fighting and display), objects of
vivisection (animal experimentation), non-paid soldiers,
traction workers (pulling), worship, toys, objects of displaced
aggression, hoarding, consumption, aphrodisiacs (by-products).
Humans have literally conquered the „animal world’.
Countless deep sea creatures cannot evade the human pollution of
the oceans. In addition, discovered and undiscovered animal
species in remaining forests are on borrowed time. Wildlife can
neither run humanity. Our weapons can take down anything that is
alive. _
Ten billion animals area slaughtered annually for food in
the U.S. This does not include what is taken from the water.
Over 90 percent of slaughtered animals are from the poultry
Worldwide, over fifty billion animals are slaughtered each
year for food. Furthermore, billions of animals are extracted
from oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and ponds. Much of what is
extracted from the oceans is by-catch (non-intended catches;
usually tossed back into the sea).