Animalogy: Conquest of the Animal World HTML version

Animalogy: Conquest of the Animal World
Author: Bassam Imam
Throughout history, animals have been used in ways that
have resulted in the worst forms of killing, abuse, torment,
torture, mass slaughter, humiliation, frivolous entertainment,
and fun killing (killing for no legitimate reason or gain).
All’s not bad, however. Animals have also been used for
beneficial purposes, and thankfully there are many people who
love and care about animals.
This book is tilted towards the animal welfare perspective,
not animal rights.
The animal welfare perspective proposes the humane use of
animals for beneficial purposes. Brutality, sadism, abuse use
for unnatural purposes and humiliation of animals is not
tolerated. This is not speceism, it is realism. Humans have used
animals and they will continue using them indefinitely.
There are a plethora of uses for animals and an even
greater number of websites about animals including but not