Animalogy: Cats and Other Felines HTML version

American Wirehair (AWH) cats are descended from a wirehair
named Adam. Unfortunately, his siblings (5 others) didn’t
survive the mutation that ‘manifested’ the wirehair trait.
It all began on a farm in upstate New York in 1966. Adam
was bred with other shorthaired cats. Proper breeding has
created the AWH. The tips of the wirehair are hooked, and the
overall coat is hard, dense, and springy.
The AWH is medium sized, active, quiet, independent,
affectionate, playful, and can live with other animals and
children. This cat is content to be on your lap or beside you.
The AWH is social; people oriented.
The AWH is an overall healthy breed. The AWH weighs 8 to 15
The Bengal is loved and awed by many people for its
incredible markings, which resemble wild cats; their ‘rosettes’
are unique in the domestic cat world. If you love the look of
jaguars, leopards and other marked cats but without the
ferocity, danger, or large size the Bengal may be what you’re
looking for.
The Bengal is medium to large, sleek, very muscular,
curious and intelligent, is playful outside of and in water, is
lively, active and people oriented, usually gets along with
other cats and animals, but some individuals may be a bit
jittery upon initial meeting.
The breeding of Bengals began in the 1960s. An Asian cat
was bred with a domestic shorthair. The Bengal weighs 7 to 18
Birmans are often referred to as the sacred temple cats of
Burma. This is a beautiful silky-coated cat and white gloved on
all four feet and has white laces up the back of its hind legs.
The American Shorthair (ASH) is exactly as its name
describes it as; it’s a truly American breed. Although not
specifically on the early pilgrims’ ships’ manifests, the ASH
was nonetheless a passenger alongside the Pilgrims. Cats worked
as protectors of food supplies (rodent killers) and of course
were fun to have on the long and treacherous voyages. The recent
ancestors of the ASH were from England.
Going back further in time the ancestors of the ASH were
transported by the Roman invaders of England. As expected, they
were ‘employed’ to help the protect food stocks of the invading
The ASH is medium-large, strong, sturdy, short-dense-
coated, muscular, and has a solid bone structure.
The ASH is intelligent but may take up to 4 years to reach
full maturity, is calm, a natural bird watcher, good with
children and other pets and good natured. ASH weighs 8 to 15