Animalogy: Cats and Other Felines HTML version

The Abyssinian is a very popular breed of cat. Although the
exact origin of this cat is unknown, it was first officially
recorded in 1871 in England. It was initially called the British
Ticked cat. The Abyssinian wasn’t ‘fully incorporated’ into the
U.S. until the 1930s.
In addition, there are some physical similarities between
this cat and the Ancient Egyptian cats. However, other theories
point to South East Asia, the Indian Ocean, or a relation to the
African wild cat. There’s no reason for us to ponder about this.
Let the experts deal with it.
The Abyssinian is a very intelligent, energetic, gentle,
loving, and often distrustful of strangers, is social (with
those it knows) and doesn’t like to be left alone. It is slim,
with large sized ears (must be cleaned on a regular basis)
pointing slightly forwards, giving it an alert expression. The