Angelic Millennium HTML version

Many years ago, before the Americas were discovered, a legend was told
about fallen angels from the heavenly skies. The legend went on to say that
Miguel Warlin picked a fight with Angelico Ruem, for reasons unknown. For
their misbehavior, they were expelled from the heavens and forced to live in
ancient earth, during the year 1015, Common Era. The angels reproduced with
human mates to continue their line. Their children would sprout wings at their
turn into adulthood, making their mark on the world as angels.
This didn’t stop the quarrel between Ruem and Warlin but only fueled it.
Their children displeased with being angels, gave up their wings for witchcraft,
animal forms, human blood and aquatic life. There was no telling what could
stop the bloodshed that was to come.
The prophecy came from the first witch, who claimed that a child born with
symbols of dark and light on their wings would bring peace between the Ruems
and the Warlins. This would only occur on the eve of the thousand year
anniversary since the angels had fallen. Said child would bring peace to the earth
once and for all.
The child, however, must be protected at all costs.