Andersen's Fairy Tales HTML version

"Yes, indeed!" said the lady.
"I cannot sell it for less," rejoined the swineherd.
"He is an impudent fellow!" said the Princess, and she walked on; but when she had gone a
little way, the bells tinkled so prettily
"Ach! du lieber Augustin,
Alles ist weg, weg, weg!"
"Stay," said the Princess. "Ask him if he will have ten kisses from the ladies of my court."
"No, thank you!" said the swineherd. "Ten kisses from the Princess, or I keep the kitchen-
pot myself."
"That must not be, either!" said the Princess. "But do you all stand before me that no one
may see us."
And the court-ladies placed themselves in front of her, and spread out their dresses--the
swineherd got ten kisses, and the Princess--the kitchen-pot.
That was delightful! The pot was boiling the whole evening, and the whole of the following
day. They knew perfectly well what was cooking at every fire throughout the city, from the
chamberlain's to the cobbler's; the court-ladies danced and clapped their hands.
"We know who has soup, and who has pancakes for dinner to-day, who has cutlets, and
who has eggs. How interesting!"
"Yes, but keep my secret, for I am an Emperor's daughter."
The swineherd--that is to say--the Prince, for no one knew that he was other than an ill-
favored swineherd, let not a day pass without working at something; he at last constructed a
rattle, which, when it was swung round, played all the waltzes and jig tunes, which have
ever been heard since the creation of the world.
"Ah, that is superbe!" said the Princess when she passed by. "I have never heard prettier
compositions! Go in and ask him the price of the instrument; but mind, he shall have no
more kisses!"
"He will have a hundred kisses from the Princess!" said the lady who had been to ask.
"I think he is not in his right senses!" said the Princess, and walked on, but when she had
gone a little way, she stopped again. "One must encourage art," said she, "I am the
Emperor's daughter. Tell him he shall, as on yesterday, have ten kisses from me, and may
take the rest from the ladies of the court."