Andersen's Fairy Tales HTML version

with renown all round the earth, like unto the ship that was to have sailed from Corsor; and
in Roeskilde--"
"Do not forget the diet!" said King Hroar.
"Then you will speak well and wisely, little Tukey; and when at last you sink into your
grave, you shall sleep as quietly----"
"As if I lay in Soroe," said Tuk, awaking. It was bright day, and he was now quite unable to
call to mind his dream; that, however, was not at all necessary, for one may not know what
the future will bring.
And out of bed he jumped, and read in his book, and now all at once he knew his whole
lesson. And the old washerwoman popped her head in at the door, nodded to him friendly,
and said, "Thanks, many thanks, my good child, for your help! May the good ever-loving
God fulfil your loveliest dream!"
Little Tukey did not at all know what he had dreamed, but the loving God knew it.