Andersen's Fairy Tales HTML version

"Oh--but we should not like that at all!" said they. "What are you muttering?" asked the
Princess. "If I can kiss him, surely you can. Remember that you owe everything to me." So
the ladies were obliged to go to him again.
"A hundred kisses from the Princess," said he, "or else let everyone keep his own!"
"Stand round!" said she; and all the ladies stood round her whilst the kissing was going on.
"What can be the reason for such a crowd close by the pigsty?" said the Emperor, who
happened just then to step out on the balcony; he rubbed his eyes, and put on his spectacles.
"They are the ladies of the court; I must go down and see what they are about!" So he
pulled up his slippers at the heel, for he had trodden them down.
As soon as he had got into the court-yard, he moved very softly, and the ladies were so
much engrossed with counting the kisses, that all might go on fairly, that they did not
perceive the Emperor. He rose on his tiptoes.
"What is all this?" said he, when he saw what was going on, and he boxed the Princess's
ears with his slipper, just as the swineherd was taking the eighty-sixth kiss.
"March out!" said the Emperor, for he was very angry; and both Princess and swineherd
were thrust out of the city.
The Princess now stood and wept, the swineherd scolded, and the rain poured down.
"Alas! Unhappy creature that I am!" said the Princess. "If I had but married the handsome
young Prince! Ah! how unfortunate I am!"
And the swineherd went behind a tree, washed the black and brown color from his face,
threw off his dirty clothes, and stepped forth in his princely robes; he looked so noble that
the Princess could not help bowing before him.
"I am come to despise thee," said he. "Thou would'st not have an honorable Prince! Thou
could'st not prize the rose and the nightingale, but thou wast ready to kiss the swineherd for
the sake of a trumpery plaything. Thou art rightly served."
He then went back to his own little kingdom, and shut the door of his palace in her face.
Now she might well sing,
"Ach! du lieber Augustin,
Alles ist weg, weg, weg!"
The Real Princess
There was once a Prince who wished to marry a Princess; but then she must be a real
Princess. He travelled all over the world in hopes of finding such a lady; but there was