Anastasious HTML version

Chapter 1
It was a bright cool day in Ireland. Anastasious was
doing grocery shopping for her father. She brought
apples, grapes and bread. She was going home until
she bumped into this guy Jason.
“Oh sorry” said Anastasious dropping her things.
“It’s alright” Jason reassured her, Anastasious blushed
as he was hot stinking hot. He had blonde hair, a heart
shaped face and bluish-greenish eyes. “Here we go and
l believe this is yours miss” he said picking up her
things. Anastasious felt an instant connection as he
looked into her eyes. Anastasious got her shopping
back and she said
“Want to meet up again?” she asked shyly thinking it
was a stupid question.
“Yeah sure, you’re beautiful and all so let’s meet up
again” he said smiling even wider.
“Where shall we meet up?” asked Anastasious.
“In my father’s barn tonight at eight” replied Jason.
“Okay see you there” said Anastasious taking her
shopping and walking off to her father’s house.