An Ordinary Man: The Autobiography of Harold Cunningham HTML version

I started writing this journal in 1997, and now that I‘m finishing it up in 2010, I want to
add the names of my son‘s boys also. That would be Shane Michael, Bradley James, and
Gage Denton. When I started this journal I did not think I would ever live long enough to
see anymore grandbabies and I suppose if I keep getting more I will have to keep writing
and adding to the opening foreword.
You‘re all a bunch of wonderful kids and I love you. May the best of everything come to
pass for you, but it won‘t be free. Hard work and a belief in something greater than
yourself will make it happen.
Old Grandpa Harold
From the front: Gage (2 yrs.), Bradley (4 yrs.), Shane (9 yrs), Jake (13 yrs.) -2008
Old Harold‘s Story
I‘ll start by making an excuse that anyone reading this will surely agree with me that I‘m
sure not a professional writer. There will be mistakes, though time lines won‘t be right,
all the names will be right. This is my story as I remember it. I‘m going back quite a few
years and one hell of a lot of real estate has passed under these old feet so I hope you will
read this and maybe not make some of the mistakes I did.
To start with; somewhere around four P.M. on the second day of July, 1927, I made my
entrance into this world. This was at a small town in North Texas by the name of Archer
City. My dad was an oil field mechanic and moved frequently from town to town
following the work being done in the oil fields. I‘m not sure how long we lived at Archer
City, for some reason my dad moved us to Houston, Texas where he had bought a house
for my mom.