An Ordinary Man: The Autobiography of Harold Cunningham


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Most autobiographies are written to make the writer seem more or better than he is. Rough edges are smoothed, frailties glossed over, sins forgotten. Rare is the man who dares write his life for what it was. Rare is the man who dares write as he speaks, without pretension. Rare is the simple story, plainly told, and rarer still is a true story told honestly. Harold's story is both.


i lived every mo-ment of the story..very it..i do hope his grandsons appreciate and celebrate his life ..i do believe we all have choices in life..he showed it clearly..thank you for a wonderfull read


I LOVED reading Harold's story. He exemplifies the Greatest generation. It's not always one's actions that makes one who they are. It's their reflection and amended actions that, in time percolates a good character to the surface. In this open look at his life, Harold gives hope and bits of his wisdom to all. Thank you so much for making it available.

Sarah Williams

I'm still reading, but what I've read so far I really like. Who would think a welder could write so affectingly? Amazing!


It takes guts to write so honestly. A moving story about real people.


Harold Cunningham

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